Myth vs. Fact: The Gluten-Free Weight Loss Trend

By Marta Turowski In the United States alone, the gluten-free market is expected to become a 6.6 billion dollar industry by 2017.1 However, only about 0.5-1% of Americans have celiac disease, a condition that prevents the small intestine from properly absorbing food in the presence of gluten.2 What accounts for this discrepancy? The answer lies Continue Reading

Emergency Contraception: A Quick Guide to the Morning After

By Sarah Smith Unprotected sex happens frequently on college campuses and can have a plethora of negative consequences, from STI transmission to pregnancy. A study by the National College Health Risk Behavior Survey found that 15% of college students have, at some point, become pregnant during their college careers.1 Studies have shown that among this Continue Reading

Color-Coded Surgery and Organ Printing: A Glimpse at Future Health Technologies

By Asia Jaros In 1990, the US Department of Ecology and National Institute of Health began its now world-renowned Human Genome Project. The project’s mission was to identify over 20,000 genes in human DNA, sequence over 3 billion chemical base pairs, and offer innovative treatment and diagnostic tools.1 At the time, the idea of sequencing Continue Reading