A Day in the Life of: A Nursing Student

By Vivi Simon, University of Miami School of Nursing and Health Studies ‘16 This is a basic summary of a clinical day. Days vary depending on the patients’ statuses (how critical they are) and their needs. Since I am placed in an ICU, vital signs are continuously monitored. Assessments are performed by a nurse and Continue Reading

A Day in the Life of: A Pharmacy School Student

By Ola Issa, Roosevelt University College of Pharmacy ’18 The average person might assume that the daily life of a pharmacist includes standing inside of a large retail store, counting pills before dispensing them to a patient. Little does he or she know, pharmacy includes a wide array of job settings that require an extensive Continue Reading

A Day in the Life of: An Occupational Therapy Student

By Nadia Yala, Western Michigan University ‘15 An Occupational Therapist (OT) is a healthcare professional who uses a holistic approach to help people facing cognitive, physical, or emotional challenges participate in daily activities. Interventions involve assisting children with disabilities participate fully in school and social situations, helping individuals recovering from injury regain skills, and providing support Continue Reading

A Day in the Life of: A Medical Student

By Andrew Donaldson, University of Illinois College of Medicine ‘19 My name is Andrew Donaldson and I have just completed my first year of medical school at the University of Illinois College of Medicine.  The first thing that I’ll say is that I love it — the students are intelligent and driven, yet really down Continue Reading

The Impending Crisis with Primary Care

By Aditya Ghosh A medical crisis is looming on the horizon. The American population is getting older, and the Baby Boomer generation is beginning to reach an age at which it requires more healthcare services than ever before.1 The American medical system has attempted to evolve in order to provide the appropriate supply of medical Continue Reading

Global Perspectives on Health: Treat Patients, Not Diseases

By Paulo Tabera-Tarello As medical students, it is easy to believe that after years of undergraduate study and hard work, we are ready to be great physicians. How- ever, becoming a successful doctor is not something that can be achieved solely through studying textbooks or scoring well on exams. While these are certainly important components, Continue Reading

The Residency Work Hours Debate

By Alex Pezeshki Pursuing a career in medicine is a long and stressful path. What unites many individuals who choose this path is their passion for learning. Even over two thousand years ago, during the time of Hippocrates, the acquisition of knowledge was at the heart of what it meant to be an aspiring physician. Continue Reading

The Road to Residency: A Time for Advocacy

By Kriti Goel Most aspiring doctors are well-aware of the limited number of medical school spots available and that admission into medical schools is not guaranteed on the first or even second try. The journey continues to be competitive even after one has gained entrance into medical school. A medical school graduate must still be Continue Reading

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